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How It Works

1. Conducting the Search: A Partnership

Given MKG & Partners' consultative approach to search, our clients ultimately determine the process by which we execute an assignment. In general, there are five phases of the search process (as outlined below). However, each of these steps can be modified, enhanced, and/or eliminated based on our client's strategic business needs and objectives.

Organizational Consulting
  • Understand industry dynamics and current situation
  • Identify and understand our client's culture, management, business needs and requirements
  • Develop targeted search strategy
  • Develop position specifications and identify potential target companies and candidate profiles
Identify and Review
  • Survey MKG's internal and external candidate sources · Begin external original research
  • Develop potential candidate list (internal and external candidates)
  • Upon completion of initial targeting, begin timely updates of search progress with senior management and the Search Committee (and HR when appropriate)
Interviewing and Presenting
  • Contact potential (external) candidates
  • Interview and qualify (internal and external) candidates using competency-based assessment
  • Prepare candidate presentations for the Search Committee's review
  • Present qualified candidate
Selection and Presentation of Offer
  • Understand candidate concerns
  • Understand company and management concerns
  • Assist in structuring offer
  • Facilitate communication internally and externally
Transition Planning and Follow-Up
  • Assist in transition planning
  • Follow-up to assure successful transition
  • Review

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