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Leadership Audit is the Right Tool for Strategic Change - Linking Leadership to Strategy.

You need leaders that not only understand your strategy, but also have the management capabilities needed to attain it.

What is its purpose?

  • Objective and professional evaluation of leadership
  • Utilises validated, structured and thorough methodology
  • Aligns leadership talent with the business and cultural imperatives of the Company
  • Platform to measure the impact of leadership

Reason for Use 

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Reorganisations
  • Due diligence
  • New CEO
  • Culture change
  • Shortened delivery time for leaders
  • People development
  • Downsizing


The ability to map a strategic course and move your organisation a1ong it is the critica1 test of leadership on every level. It is the key to your organisation's surviva1 and prosperity. Equally vital is the ability to quickly alter course in response to - or ahead of - changing externa1 factors like markets, technology or competition.

But strategically directed change is the most challenging. The way your leaders lead determines where your organisation goes and how it gets there. And unless you change leadership practices so that they align with your strategy, your leaders won't all pull in the same direction, much less the right one.

The leadership practices your people need to demonstrate depend on your organisation's strategic objectives and their roles in the organisation. If you don't want your people to go in one direction while your strategy goes in another, you need a model of leadership rich enough to account for the full range of leadership practices and behaviours, and a way to identify the practices and behaviours each team member needs to exhibit.

The Leadership AuditTM provides just such a process. And, in addition to measuring your current leadership capabilities, you can easily use the information gathered during the Audit to create targeted development and training plans, ensuring the long term results you want and need.

A strategic view of leadership creates the leaders you need to take your organisation where it wants to go. This strategic approach:

  • begins with your business objectives and enables you to identify the specific leadership practices needed to achieve them.
  • provides you with information and insight about your current leadership team in a uniquely powerful and comprehensive way.
  • is grounded in research and proven models for effective leadership practices
  • makes your leadership expectations clear and credible - and that is critical to creating the leadership culture you need to reach your business goals.

The leadership challenges your organisation faces are unique. They are shaped by its current culture, people, environment, history, opportunities and objectives. You need a customisable approach that builds on your past and targets your future.

Research has shown that there's no one right way to lead. Effective leadership is a matter of demonstrating the balance and emphasis that's right for the role and right for the business objectives.


To Define and Measure your Capabilities


The first critical step is to define the leadership practices that are critical to achieving your business objectives. Using MRG`s Strategic Directions process, your top team identifies the few critical behaviours needed to create a leadership culture aligned with your strategy. This creates the template of leadership practices that is right for your organisation.

You can also define the leadership profile needed for specific roles in your organisation. The Role Expectations process helps you define the key leadership practices critical at the role level.


Two powerful assessment tools, the Leadership Effectiveness AnalysisTM and the Individual Directions Inventory, combine to provide objective, persuasive insights into the leadership practices of your current management team. The Leadership Effectiveness AnalysisTM (LEA) measures current leadership behaviour, while the Individual Directions Inventory (IDI) defines the underlying motivators, values and attitudes that are driving the behaviour. Based on the in-depth information provided by these two assessments, you can conduct targeted, structured interviews to gain the accurate insights required to make the right decisions about your fixture leadership team.


Next you need a composite picture of how your organisation stacks up against your goals. Using advanced statistical techniques, we can provide you with an overall picture of your current leadership capabilities and how those capabilities compare to the practices you defined as critical during your Strategic Directions and Role Expectations processes. In addition, we can compare your leadership profile with effective leadership practices in your global industry.


When making critical decisions about your people, you need to feel confident that you are using an assessment process based on extensive research, one that is well grounded and defensible. Our team of experienced consultants and organisational psychologists can work with you to perform a Validation Study that identifies which leadership practices differentiate the most effective leaders in your organisation. The rigorous nature of the validation process verifies that decisions are being made on job relevant criteria. Validation studies can be customised to ensure that you are meeting the appropriate employment laws and guidelines in the countries in which you are doing business.



The model of leadership used in the Leadership AuditTM is the outcome of lessons learned from 35 years of research and more than 250,000 assessment-based profiles of leaders across a wide range of 

industries, organisaxions and roles, and countries. Results are generated by questionnaires that have been rigorously developed and psychometrically validated. The data they provide are highly accurate and truly useful.


Support is available where and when you need it - from local consultants in local languages. The questionnaires have been translated into many major languages and norms are available for many specific countries and geographic regions. The translation work is has started for Turkish and the tool is currently deliverable in all other major languages.


Taking a strategic view of leadership allows you to highlight each individual's strengths in light of your ideal leadership culture, making the changes you require seem both understandable and achievable. It also allows you to leverage your organisations development and training efforts in the areas that will have the most payback for you. Objective measurement tools track organisational and individual progress. Because of the clear link with current initiatives and business strategy, a foundation is created for meaningful organisational interventions and individual development planning.

Strategic Leadership DevelopmentTM (SLD)

Strategic Leadership DevelopmentTM is an integrated process to develop leaders at all levels in the organization and align their leadership practices with the organization's business strategy. Each of the components of SLD are based on MRG's leadership assessment: the Leadership Effectiveness AnalysisTM.

Define Leadership Requirements

Strategic DirectionsTM... Identifies the leadership practices that will be required in order to achieve the organization's strategic business objectives.
Role ExpectationsTM... Defines the leadership behaviors required for effectiveness in a specific management/leadership position.

Assess Current Practices 

Personal Feedback Profile...The Leadership 360® report provides individuals with developmental 360-degree feedback on their behavioral leadership practices; the Leadership Self report provides comparable information from a self-only perspective.
Leadership CultureTM... Identifies the prevailing leadership practices within the organization, and describes how leaders are currently fulfilling the leadership aspects of their roles.

 Assess Organizational Implications

Group Composite Profile... Describes the behavioral profile of a specific leadership team or group; can be used to conduct a training needs analysis or for leadership team development. 
Strategic Directions AuditTM... Analyzes the gap between current leadership practices and the critical leadership behaviors that will be required in the future.
Best Practices Report... Identifies the management/leadership practices that characterize the most effective leaders in the organization.

Develop Strategically

Strategic Leadership PracticesTM... Coaching modules to develop the leadership behaviors measured by Leadership 360®; can be delivered either in a group session or through one-on-one coaching.

Reassess Leadership Practices

Personal Feedback Profile... Administered 12 to 18 months after the initial assessment, Leadership 360® enables individuals and the organization to measure progress and set new developmental goals.

MRG SLD products:

  • are scientifically validated and highly reliable
  • offer country-specific norms drawn from an extensive global database
  • are available in multiple languages
  • offer an electronic delivery option



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