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Executive coaching is one-on-one coaching for senior professionals and executives to enhance organizational performance, organizational development and communications, to increase their value to themselves and their organization.


It is important to bear in mind that although there is a process, each program is tailored to the specific situation, needs and circumstances of the individual.

The process essentially has four major steps.

1. Initial Stock Take and Contracting Phase
During this phase the goals are to develop a mutual understanding of the process and expected outcome; clarify the issues; timeframe the coaching and agree on timeframes and confidentiality constraints. Both the employee and individual need to be fully supportive of the process and have a joint commitment to making it work.

2. Assessment and Action Planning
This part of the programme examines the individual’s work history, performance patterns and personal goals. Assessment instruments are used to clarify the employee’s skills, leadership abilities, interests, values and interpersonal styles. When appropriate, 360 degree feedback is used. Regular meetings are scheduled between the two parties. Ideally, these should be two hourly meetings at approximately 10 day intervals.

3. Implementation of Action Plan
Following the assessment work, feedback is provided to the individual. Recommendations are made and specific action plans agreed. Situations are created for the individual to practice in the work setting.

4. Conclusion and Follow-up
As the action plan progresses, changes are monitored by both consultant and client. The process is usually concluded in six months, but the individual has an open line on a continuing basis to discuss any issues or problems that may arise. If the odd meeting is required thereafter, it is conducted at no additional cost. However, a final meeting is held to debrief the entire Executive Coaching process, bring closure, identify what has been accomplished and discuss any follow-up needs.

A typical program will consist of approximately 25 hours of one-to-one counseling time, of which roughly half this time is spent in the diagnostic/assessment phase.

Personal Directions®

Organizations are in a state of constant flux, reacting to a rapidly changing global marketplace. Individuals are changing as well. They face the challenges of dual career families, multiple careers over the course of their working years, possible early retirement, and a growing need to balance work, family, community and personal interests.
Personal Directions® is a unique and powerful assessment tool designed to be used by coaches and counselors in order to explore career development and personal growth issues with their clients. It provides individuals with rich and insightful feedback that helps them explore their motivations, examine how these have affected the choices they have made in different areas of their lives, and consider what actions they might wish to take in the future. Personal Directions® can help individuals align their personal strengths with their job roles and responsibilities in order to increase their effectiveness and enhance their satisfaction.
Personal Directions® is a versatile tool that can be used for many consulting applications:

  • Executive development
  • Career development for people at all levels
  • Personal growth planning and work/life balance issues
  • Pre-retirement planning
  • Coaching/personal assistance for anyone in transition



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