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Interim Management is a special service within MKG & Partners that focuses on the search for and provision of senior executives for as long as they are needed, to help clients respond quickly and effectively to change, opportunity and uncertainty. Clients gain access to top level executives on an 'as needed' basis; individuals who often are not available on a permanent basis. These are individuals who "make things happen"; they are not advisers; they go in, do the job and go away again. For example, during start-up or growth phases, we can provide executives to assist with new ventures, product/service development, rapid expansion and acquisitions. By their very nature, these individuals bring a fresh perspective and sense of objectivity, to the company.

Interim Management assignments follow essentially the same process as standard searches do.

Firstly, the client decides whether an interim executive is needed. This means striking a balance between need, benefit and cost. We are always available to discuss and guide our clients through this process.

Once the need is identified, we interview our clients to discuss the real issues and tasks facing the interim executive and define the profile of the ideal individual for the position. We use this discussion to come up with a target list of candidates and from this a short list is prepared.

A consultant interviews and assesses each interim executive candidate and, before being put forward, each is referenced. The client is then given a choice of candidates, who are all sensibly over-qualified, so that an interim can be selected who not only meets the brief, but who will work well within their corporate culture.

Both client and candidate are contacted during the first week of the placement and monthly afterwards to ensure that things are going as planned.

In order to ensure the success of such a project:

  • We are client-focused not candidate driven
  • We cover every business sector and operate internationally
  • We use full search techniques - not just in our database of potential or known interims, but by having access to executives who are leaving or have recently left a permanent role and could be attracted by interim roles.
  • We have a vast pool of candidates available to us, all of whom have a substantial track record in the area in which they are needed

The typical Interim Management interim executive

Interim Management Executives are all senior level managers, who have proved themselves to be successful at senior levels. They are selected, not only on the basis of technical skills and experience, but on their leadership skills.

The Typical Interim Executive is usually :

- 35 to 60 years of age

Personal Characteristics:
- Practical
- Hands- on
- High Energy
- Flexible
- Good Communication and Listening Skills
- Culturally flexible

Interim executives are of two types: permanent and temporary.

  • Permanent interims are attracted by the challenge, excitement and rewards
  • Temporary interims are filling time between permanent assignments [and often remain interim managers by choice]


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"Sprinkle and cross-fertilize your organization with talents."

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Aristotle said it a long time ago: "Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation."
Ask yourself what the needs of your organization are. What the needs of the world are. Then put your talents to work on some area of need that you believe in.

And don't forget!

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside us."

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